What You Need to Know About Portable Truck Scales

What You Need to Know About Portable Truck Scales

A truck scale is a long-term investment, providing more than 25 years of dependable service if properly maintained. Regular calibration, inspections, and cleaning will extend the life of your truck scale and save you from costly repairs. From shipping and construction to farming and transportation, portable truck scales play a pivotal role in a wide variety of businesses. Investing in a portable truck scale is a smart strategy that helps companies stay compliant and safe. 

Here’s all you need to know about portable truck scales.

Inner Workings of Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales feature a low profile surface over which a truck is driven to precisely calculate the load. A load cell is fitted at the core of its surface to facilitate the weighing of the truckload and the transfer of data to a remote terminal. A casing protects the load cell to ensure the scale works at optimal efficiency. Ramps are placed on either side of the load cell surface to facilitate secure entry and exit. Then, to arrive at the net weight of the truckload, you need to add all of the measurements of the axles and subtract the weight of the empty vehicle.

Types of Portable Scales 

A huge benefit of any portable truck scale is its flexibility. They’re available in different lengths for weighing different types of vehicles, and can be categorized as portable axle scales and wheel weighers. If you’re a transporter, and you’re looking for an easy weighing solution with a low profile design, portable wheel weighers offer a perfect solution and can easily operate in remote locations.

Benefits of Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales typically include the following features:

  • User-friendly mechanisms that do not require prior training for operation.
  • Extremely durable, resilient, and easy to transport in harsh environments.
  • Advanced portable scales are fitted with a reliable and efficient overload protection system.
  • Portable scales do not take up a lot of storage space.
  • Certain makes of portable scales allow truckers to operate their vehicles at the speed of 3 mph and still take measurements accurately. 

How to Find High-Quality Truck Scales

Purchasing a truck scale is a major long-term investment. If properly maintained, the right scale system can last for decades-–especially if you regularly service, calibrate, clean, and inspect the scale system. If you’re looking for truck scales for your industry, you can browse through our online catalog of truck scales and rail scales. We offer a free quote on truck scale servicing and maintenance—contact us for more information.