What to Look For When Buying a Material Tester

What to Look For When Buying a Material Tester

No matter what you may call it – a compression tester, twin-column tester, or another name – a material tester is a vital piece of lab equipment.

They’re so important, in fact, that there’s a material tester out there for virtually any type of test that needs to be performed. But what should you look for when purchasing one? What type of qualifications should there be in the material tester you select for your facility?


Cost is often one of the determining factors behind buying a particular material tester, but it shouldn’t always – or even usually – be the only one.

Price is important, though. You need to consider the purchase price versus the total cost of ownership. The lower sticker price may result in a higher cost of ownership due to durability issues.


A material tester that is cheap yet vulnerable to breakage may not be the best investment. A more durable tester can result in a better investment because you’ll be able to get more use out of it.


A material tester that is flexible and can be used for additional purposes can be an even better investment. Usually this is found with the software package that comes with the tester, although there are models that can physically perform more than one type of test.

Ease of Use

A material tester that isn’t easy to use isn’t necessarily a bad piece of equipment, but it does increase the learning curve and the chance of user error.


If the results you get from the tester and its software aren’t reliable, then you may need to consider a new device. Different types of testers have different reliability ratings. Find the most reliable material tester and you could have a beneficial investment, especially for mission-critical testing applications.

Some of these characteristics may be more important for you than others. Finding the ideal equipment is a function of knowing what you require and what works best for your facility and your purpose. It also depends on your budget, which is definitely no small concern for most companies.

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