What Is the PBK989 High Precision Bench Scale?

What Is the PBK989 High Precision Bench Scale?

High precision bench scales are used in a variety of applications and settings. They have an advantage over typical bench scales because they are designed to be extraordinarily precise, for applications that require exact and accurate measurements.

The need for more accurate and precise weighing increases when environmental conditions become harsh or difficult. Environmental disturbances can throw off measurements and render them useless. The best high precision bench scales are designed to counter the effects of a harsh environment and provide precise measurements even in taxing conditions.

METTLER TOLEDO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weighing equipment, has created the PBK989 high precision bench scale to offer superior accuracy and precision even in tough environments.

Here’s more about this piece of equipment and the benefits it offers over other similar devices.

The PBK989: Reliability and Accuracy

The PBK989 is a bench scale designed for high precision weighing and reliability in harsh conditions. The robust design of the body, made from stainless steel V2A, helps provide a stable and durable platform for reliable measurements with top precision. The load cell – made with integrated MonoBloc technology – contributes to better precision as well.

The PBK989 is also known for its fast weighing processes. Industry-leading stabilization time – at up to 92 updates a second – give this piece of equipment the capacity to operate at high speeds, perfect for high-speed weighing requirements.

The platform is also made with a hygienic design, meaning it is suitable for pharmaceutical and food-processing purposes.

MonoBloc Technology

The design feature that serves as the heart of the PBK989’s accuracy and reliability is the load cell built with MonoBloc technology.

MonoBloc technology is built on electromagnetic force compensation, in which the loaded weight is compensated by the electromagnetic force generated by the load cell. The body of the load cell itself is spark-eroded from the same aluminum alloy used in aerospace for parts that undergo high degrees of stress. There are also far fewer moving parts in a MonoBloc load cell than standard load cells.

The result is more reliability, more precision, and more accuracy – up to 10 times the accuracy of a standard strain gauge weigh scale.

The PBK9898 bench scale may be the best fit for your operations. Talk to a weighing specialist to learn more about this particular piece of equipment and whether or not you should consider it for use in your facility.