What Is the IND780 from METTLER TOLEDO?

What Is the IND780 from METTLER TOLEDO?

METTLER TOLEDO is one of the world’s top providers of weighing and measurement equipment. Whether you are weighing semi-trucks or are testing materials in a laboratory, MT products offer an industry-leading blend of durability, precision, accuracy, and reliability.

In the world of weighing, the terminal you use makes a big difference. MT specializes in developing equipment that helps users improve their experiences and their results.

This is evident with one of their most-effective products: the IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal.

Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing

When you need to control scales for weighing, no matter what the application, you need a terminal that can help you exert maximum control and get the job done.

The IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal provides top-level weighing software that lets the user control and monitor up to four scales at once – each with independent scale settings.

The IND780 also works with an advanced database containing thousands of records and a way to export data into higher-level applications.

The result is flexibility, power, and better integration into a wide range of weighing applications in virtually every environment.

User Interface and Flexible Controls

MT is known for manufacturing products with durable and easy-to-use user interfaces, and the UX for the IND780 is no exception. The QVGA color display shows data clearly and crisply. The soft keys are easily configured – and you can interface with external data entry devices as well as bar code readers – which help increase productivity.

The console also allows for up to 40 inputs and 56 outputs, with even more sensor integration through a pulse counter input. You can also run custom software on the module that is a perfect fit for your specific processes.

Flexibility is also engineered into the console for the IND780. You can run the terminal in a variety of industrial settings, and connect it to a slew of fieldbus networks for whatever application you may need.

In short, the METTLER TOLEDO IND780 is a powerful and advanced weighing terminal for a wide variety of industrial weighing applications, and is made with the typical MT reliability, flexibility, and performance you need.

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