Want to Know Your Truck Weight? Here’s How to Find Out

Want to Know Your Truck Weight? Here’s How to Find Out

Knowing the weight of your truck is not just a trivial piece of information to keep in mind—it’s crucial, because most states collect taxes based on the weight of goods a truck is transporting. In order to accurately weigh a vehicle as massive as a truck, there are specially designed truck weighing stations. These stations are important for all industries and manufacturing units to ensure they are transporting goods at optimal capacity. In this blog, we’ll go over how the technology inside truck weighing systems work.

What Types of Truck Weighing Scales Are There?

Truck weighing stations can handle an incredible amount of load—over 30,000 pounds on a daily basis! High-quality materials such as steel and concrete are used to create load-cell system technology, which is the most common way trucks are weighed. All cells consist of one or more strain gauges attached to or embedded in them. A strain gauge consists of wires that transmit an electric current. As the cell is subjected to weight, the wire in the strain gauge gets slightly compressed. This change in the wire results in a difference in the resistance to the current passing through it. The signal from each cell is sent to a junction box, where sensors measure the variance in the current and calculate the amount of weight the scale is supporting. 

What Methods Are Used for Weighing Trucks?

Apart from different scale types, there are also different methods used to measure the weight of a truck that have their own technicalities. These are:

  1. One-axle system
  2. One-stop system
  3. Weigh in motion system

Having a reliable weighing system that doesn’t break down and reliably provides accurate readings can save a lot of money—because the last thing you want is a wrong approximation before your truck leaves a facility, resulting in having to pay more than expected. You don’t want to be a victim of truck scale fraud after all! 

Acme Scales Is Your Trusted Partner for Truck Weighing Systems

Purchasing a truck scale is a major long-term investment. If properly maintained, the right system can last for decades—especially if you regularly calibrate, clean, and inspect the scale system. Browse through our catalog of truck scales and rail scales and contact us for more information on your next project.