Using Quality Control Software to Maximize Productivity

Using Quality Control Software to Maximize Productivity

Ensuring the quality of your products is not just a good business practice; it’s the law. Meeting regulations while also optimizing productivity is a function of one best practice that producers must incorporate into their processes: statistical quality control (SQC).

SQC is a method by which certain quality attributes are monitored and controlled. It can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be – especially with quality control software governing the process.

Quality control software can optimally monitor a variety of quality attributes, ranging from net-content, visual integrity, expiry dates, package quality, consistency, tightness, and more. The goal is to use this software to help automate the QC process so that the end product meets all regulations and requirements and can be shipped with 100% integrity and adherence to standards.

Four Steps to Better Quality Control

Using quality control software, you can follow a simple, four-step process that enables you to meet your needs without going through a fully-manual control process like the classic method companies have used for decades.

The four steps to better quality control using technology include:

  • Compliance: Control systems need to meet all legal requirements, including the need to store records and provide proof of compliance
  • Ease of Operation: Productivity suffers when quality control mechanisms aren’t easy and intuitive to use. Ease of use promotes fewer errors as well
  • Immediate Feedback: Data should be displayed immediately after sampling procedures, so that operators can instantly know the results and correct any errors without further delay
  • Sustainability: Any control mechanism needs to be resilient to withstand the rigors of its operating environment. Equipment should be easy to clean, for example, and tolerant of anything found in the workplace

Finding quality control technology that follows these four steps is key to boosting productivity through internal processes – and ensuring a better, more accurate product.

Using FreeWeigh.NET for Quality Control

One of the best SQC software packages in the industry is FreeWeigh.NET, produced by Mettler-Toledo. FreeWeigh.NET is a PC-based software solution that is flexible enough to adapt itself to the user’s requirements, integrating smoothly into a quality control process.

With this software, a user can optimize production to enhance both product quality and productivity, while also complying with any relevant regulation or standard.

This is accomplished by using weighing data on an ongoing basis to continuously monitor your critical processes, while complying with requirements such as validating computer systems and handling electronic signatures and records.

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