Truck Scales: Steel or Concrete Deck?

Truck Scales: Steel or Concrete Deck?

Truck scale buyers often ask one question: What is the difference between a steel and concrete deck?

While the decks are made of different materials, there are not many reasons to choose one over the other aside from personal preference and individual use. Below, we will talk about the main difference between steel and concrete desks, and what you need to do to help you choose what is right for you.


When choosing a truck scale deck, time is a consideration. This could be what helps a buyer determine their deck style.

While there is no difference in installation and calibration time, concrete decks take more time to cure before use. This is because a concrete deck concrete is placed, poured, and finished after the scale is installed.

Recommended cure time is 28 days before calibration can be completed.

Steel decks can be installed and calibrated in as little as one day. If you need a scale, and fast, this is definitely the solution for you.


Very little differs between steel and concrete decks: both are strong at withstanding environmental conditions, both cost around the same price, and both have similar lifespans.

If time is not an issue for you, the key reason to decide one deck over the other comes down to use.

Most landfills and transfer stations choose steel decks due to the time allotted to complete a project, Tomato processing plants prefer concrete because the acidity in tomatoes can corrode and rust a steel surface.  Those who face the possibility of having to move a scale, like aggregate suppliers, would likely choose steel versus concrete due to the weight difference between the two. A concrete deck can weigh upwards of 100,000 lbs. where as a steel deck is closer to 32,000 lbs.

Consider what you will be weighing to best determine your needs.

Contact an Experienced Scale Provider

Because there are so few differences in the quality of these two scales, choosing is difficult, it’s hard to know you are making the right choice without talking to a professional.

By contacting an experienced scale provider, you can rest assured you chose the right scale. A Truck Scale Application representative will meet with you on site to do a site inspection and get to know your business. They will evaluate your business requirements, take into account any data collection requirements, including the possibility of an Unattended Systems in order to determine the proper product for your unique application.

Are you seeking help in choosing the right scale for your company? Acme Scale can help. Contact us today.