Truck scales in California

Purchasing a truck scale is a major investment. If properly maintained, the right system can last for decades – especially if you regularly calibrate, clean, and inspect the scale system. And you want to maintain this investment, especially since it serves as the cornerstone of your business’ financial efficiency and success. You need dependable truck scales, to help run your facility with maximum efficiency and uptime. 

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There are a few reasons why you want a team of trained truck scale technicians to help you in your buying decision.


Weighing payloads and heavy duty trucks is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Inaccurate truck scale readings can not only cause damage to roads, weigh stations, infrastructure, and trucks, but can also be life threatening to those who are involved. Additionally, inaccurate truck scale readings can cost drivers and hauling industries thousands of dollars for each infraction or further legal action. 

Truck scale accuracy is also critical for optimizing a company’s profitability.  The truck scale options sold by Acme Scale have the highest level of accuracy and include state-of-the-art load cell technology so you can be certain your scale is weighing your critical product and components to maximize your ROI.  

Our truck scale options are not only made from the highest quality material available and with the latest technology, they also have a number of time and money saving features. You can rest assured that with regular inspection and maintenance your device will provide accurate readings and maximize your valuable time and money. 

There are intentional techniques to tamper with scales that can cause inaccurate readings. For more on truck scale maintenance and preventing illegal truck scale tampering, be sure and check out our blog “5 Ways a Truck Scale Can be Tricked”.

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There are many considerations when buying a truck scale in California like: maintenance, cleaning, and functionality.  With a team of experienced scale technicians and a range of scales, we are committed to helping you find a tailor-made fit for your vehicle weighing needs. We offer a number of options for weighing vehicles ranging from semi-trucks, dump trucks, oversized loads and more.  We offer above ground truck scales, in-ground truck scales, portable truck scales and anything in between.

We also offer Unattended Weighing Terminals, such as the Mettler Toledo IND9U, which can automate some traditionally manual processes. 

Truck scales sold by Acme Scales are installed by our factory trained and authorized service technicians.  The scales are professionally installed, connected, and calibrated so you can focus on operating your facility in the most efficient manner.

Scales Built to Last

When making an investment like buying a truck scale, the first question that many ask is: how long will it last?

While regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper use can extend the life of your scale, you can expect a scale from Acme to last in our California climate for decades. Our long-lasting steel-deck or concrete based options can withstand the heaviest wear-and tear.  Mettler Toledo truck scales are built to withstand a diversity of environments and conditions.  Every new Mettler Toledo weighbridge design undergoes lifecycle testing (tested to a minimum of one million cycles) to ensure the best quality and longest scale life.

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Routine maintenance provided by the factory trained technicians at Acme Scale will not only ensure uptime, but will also help to extend the life of your truck scale.  If at any point after buying a scale, the terminals, sensors, load cells or other parts of the truck scale need to be repaired or replaced, contact Acme to get your scale up and running again.  We are your best partner for ensuring truck scale operation and longevity.  

In Ground or Above Ground

Acme has a range of truck scale options to consider. In-ground truck scales are built to be level with the surrounding land surface while above ground scales are installed above the land surface and include an approach.  We offer in-ground and above ground truck scales like the Mettler Toledo VTS 231, VTS 101, VTC 101, and 7560, just to name a few. 

There are considerations when selecting an above ground or in-ground option with truck scales.  For example, in-ground options may require more effort to clean and maintain (such as the potential need for a sump pump and routine cleaning of the pit) but they do offer ease of use for drivers as they can easily drive across the scale and they have a much smaller footprint if you need to save space.  The above ground option can be easier for cleaning and maintenance but they require ramps which take up more space and they may reduce productivity with longer times for vehicles to line up and obtain weight data.

Cost is another consideration when deciding between in-ground and above ground options.  In-ground truck scales have a higher startup cost with the need for a pit and foundation (if one does not already exist) while above ground truck scales may be more costly in the long run with lost space and efficiency.  There are many more considerations to make when buying a scale, like: maximum weighing capability, scale length, software functionality, and the truck scale deck material. We recommend taking in all these considerations before making a decision.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are ideal for contractors who are on the move. These scales have a low profile and can be broken down easily and are built with thousands of pounds of steel and concrete so you can rest easy in your scale buying decision knowing they will last.  We offer a number of features and options for portable scales and can be a great option for applications that require periodic truck scale relocation.  

Truck Scale and Weighing Solutions

Once you’re ready to talk about the next steps for your business, from product to installation to maintenance and calibration, we are your comprehensive partner in truck scale success. Contact us today to order.