The ROI on New Truck Scales

The ROI on New Truck Scales

Does your current truck scale need repairs? What do those repairs add up to in dollars?

Repairs are not always the best option. Sometimes, you get a better return on your investment by purchasing a new scale.

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Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that could affect your ROI.

Age of Scale

Repairs are expected to be needed on any type of equipment. After years of use, parts will naturally need replacing.

The age of your scale is a key factor in determining the difference in ROI between repairs, or purchasing a new scale. As a piece of equipment’s age rises, so does its likelihood of needing repairs. As more repairs are made, and years pass, the frequency of repairs will inevitably increase.

If your scale is old, the number of repairs you might be making could cost you more in the long run than purchasing a new scale.

New Technologies

As technology for scales become more efficient, service providers are switching the focus of their training. Instead of maintaining strong skills at repairing old technologies, they are focused on perfecting servicing newer technologies.

As this continues, scale owners will find service providers spending more hours troubleshooting your mechanical systems.

In addition, availability of parts diminishes and remaining parts costs will greatly increase as they become more and more obsolete. In some instances used parts are the only option for older scales.


How long will your truck scale be down for repairs? The downtime for repairs on truck scales often greatly exceeds cost of service.

This is particularly a consideration during peak times of harvest when hundreds of trucks are waiting to be weighed. Each day can cost you tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum, depending on how many trucks you process per day, what they’re hauling, and the size of their average load. (This cost can even get up into the millions of dollars.)

This type of money loss could be completely avoided for multiple years with a new truck scale.


New technologies have greatly increased the efficiency of truck scales. Because new truck scales are higher quality products, their warranties are typically longer.

Trucks scales properly maintained throughout the course of a warranty will last you a long time and have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Calculating ROI

There are calculators that truck scale salesmen can use to help you determine your risks. These calulators take into consideration all of the above qualities in your truck scale and help you determine what is best for your return on investment.

For example, to calculate annual profit savings from having more accurate scales, multiply the current scale error by the number of operating days per year, multiplied by the number of vehicles per day and the price of goods.

To determine annual profit savings from reliability, multiply net load by vehicles per day, multiplied by the price of goods, your profit margin, and downtime days saved by having more reliable scales.

If you are interested in learning more on the ROI of truck scales, including getting specific numbers with a quote, contact us today.