The Importance of Scale Calibration and Scale Calibration Service

Acme Scales Calibration ServicesOwning a fine-tuned, sophisticated piece of equipment like a scale means you need to take proper steps to not only care for it, but to ensure it does its job.

Frequently, for scales large and small, that means properly calibrating the instrument.

Proper calibration is essential and can mean the difference between accurate measurements and inaccurate ones that wind up causing problems and costing you time and money. There are plenty of horror stories across all of the industries that we service about non-calibrated equipment and how it wreaked havoc on businesses – something your company definitely wants to avoid.

That is why a scale calibration service is monumentally important. If you’re going to use scales for any purpose, they need to be calibrated to the highest level of precision possible.

The Need for a Scale Calibration Service

The need for calibration on a small, laboratory level is easily understood. After all, labs deal in minute amounts that need to be carefully and precisely measured and weighed. Any change, no matter how seemingly-imperceptible, can result in serious problems.

But the need is also there for larger applications, especially in industries in which you pay based on weight. A miscalculated weighing can cost real money that negatively impacts your bottom line.

This need is even greater because many businesses don’t take advantage of a scale calibration service. They assume the scale stays good to go no matter what – but that isn’t true. All scales, no matter how well constructed, have the potential to lose accuracy and calibration over time with repeated use. This is especially true if the scale changes location, as geographic location can throw off the calibration (owing to miniscule but detectable changes in gravity).

Use a Scale Calibration Service Regularly

The best way to safeguard your business – and to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your scales – is to regularly calibrate your scales. Make it a part of your business’s routine, so that you do not get surprised by a scale giving you an incorrect reading.

Not all Scale Calibration Services Are the Same

One important thing to keep in mind is that not all scale calibration services are the same.

Ask your scale calibration service provider what they are providing.  Ask how they will be performing the calibration.  Will they provide you with a certificate of calibration?  What will the certificate include?  Will it include before and after readings, linearity and hysteresis, a statement of uncertainty?  These tests may be important for your process to ensure your scale is performing at its optimal level. The information may also be a requirement of your auditors.

Contact Acme Scale for a scale calibration service that keeps your equipment operating smoothly and accurately for any purpose, at any time.