Scales for Use in Life Sciences: PBK and PFK High Precision Platforms

Scales for Use in Life Sciences: PBK and PFK High Precision Platforms

There are a multitude of scales which have crucial applications in life sciences, and perhaps the most important of them all are PBK and PFK weighing platforms. These weighing scales help you measure materials to a high degree of accuracy, and such a feature is of paramount importance in a field where precision is required for all measurements. In this blog, we’ll understand what PBK and PFK high precision platforms are, and the incredible utility they provide.


If you were a perfume manufacturer, don’t you think it would be crucial that your perfume had just the right combination of ingredients—down to every last drop? Or what if you were a pharmaceutical companywouldn’t the chemical composition of your medicine need exactly the correct milligram dosage of compounds? These are just some examples, but having an accurate and reliable weighing system is crucial in many industries where a tiny variance can have huge implications. 


A weighing system for such industries needs to have a high degree of reliability despite imperfect environmental conditions. PBK9 and PFK9 weighing platforms virtually eliminate the risks of vibration, wind, and temperature variances, thanks to a special technology called the “monobloc load cell” and the robust design of the scale body, which absorbs environmental interference. This helps you ensure that your measurements are as accurate as possible.


Another important factor for weighing scales is their integration in the workplace. PBK9 and PFK9 weighing platforms are designed to be easily integrated into your process. The unique construction of the platform makes it suitable for a variety of challenging environments including areas with heavy dust, locations that need regular cleaning, and those classified as hazardous. Having such equipment in place greatly optimizes your operations as your manufacturing is less likely to be faulty.


Reliability, precision, and integration are some key benefits of PBK9 and PFK9 weighing platforms. But wait…there’s more! These weighing platforms have a high degree of versatility as well. In other words, these systems can be used for multiple purposes: you can count, fill, formulate, and weigh raw materials depending on the application terminal you’ve paired your weighing system with. Needless to say, PBK and PFK systems play a fundamental role in the success of industries revolving around life science!

We hope this blog helped you understand the incredible utility provided by PBK and PFK systems. Acme Scales is a proud manufacturer of such high-quality scales, and offers services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s evaluation of your needs, installation of your scale, calibration, or ensuring complianceour team is right by your side. Contact us to know more!