Depot Repair


To ensure your product arrives safely at our repair facility, please follow instructions below:

Whenever possible, use the original packaging for your balance or instrument.  Microbalances should always be shipped in original packaging.

Remove pan, pan support, draft ring, and any other accessories from balance.


Invert a plastic cup over the weighing cone and tape it down (a plastic aerosol can lid works well for this).  This will protect the measuring cell from impact damage.  See example above.

If a draft shield is easily removable (i.e. a draft shield that lifts off of the balance) you do not need to send it.  We have draft shields available for testing purposes.  Please do not attempt to remove the glass on AT or AX balances, as you may damage the unit.  However, when shipping an AT or AX balance, ensure that the draft shield sliding latches are disengaged.

Suggested packing is bubble wrap or insta-pak foam.  (Avoid using Styrofoam peanuts or noodles.  These materials do not sufficiently protect the equipment while in transit.)

Accessories can go in the same box, but please wrap separately and mark “Accessories enclosed”.  Please send an inventory list with the unit.  This will help prevent parts from getting lost and will help in the claims process in the event that the box is damaged in transit.

Allow for a minimum of four (4) inches of packing materials on each side of unit, including the top and bottom of equipment.

Shipping insurance is strongly recommended, especially for expensive equipment, or if there is a glass draft shield which can’t be removed.

When shipping an HR or HG moisture analyzer, insert the two shipping bolts and spacers in the bottom of the unit.  See illustration below.   Note:  Installing bolts other than the originals can damage your moisture analyzer.    packing2

NOTE:  Following these instructions will not guarantee that your product will arrive without any damage; however, it will help reduce the effects of the shipping process.  If you have any questions, please contact our office for further assistance.