Sales of Industrial Scales and Balances

Industrial Scales are manufactured for specific applications within a plant or facility. Utilizing the right equipment is vital for accuracy, compliance with regulatory agencies, and preventing costly downtime. PUA_574_Application_Internet_13486Our experienced Sales Engineers are experts in specifying weighing equipment and processes. From food to pharmaceuticals, from aggregate to waste, from process automation to discrete manufacturing, our Sales Engineers continue to work with our customers to expand the capabilities in our products and services offering. We employ five (5) Professional Sales Engineers to assist you with product recommendations and implementation of your scales and essential peripheral equipment. Whether you need a simple solution for a basic scale function or a more complex weighing application with systems integration, we have the expertise to handle all your weighing needs.

Servicing Scales and Balances

Acme Scale’s Service Department employs eleven (11) factory-trained technicians capable of calibrating, maintaining, and repairing most makes and models of scales. Our experienced scale technicians are specialized to quickly identify and solve scale equipment problems. Our professional service consultants study how critical each instrument is to your goals, as measured by its impact on quality, downtime, accuracy, and regulatory compliance.

semi truck with scales in the back parked in front of acme scale company

Choosing the Right Instrument: Our scale department then determines the right service strategies for the instruments that best support those business goals. These service strategies typically include appropriate calibration intervals, calibration certificates, preventative maintenance, repair, training, and regulatory compliance services.

Showing Up Prepared: We offer digital scale repair, truck scale repair, and scale calibration service. Our trucks are fully-equipped with 1,000 lbs. of Certified Test Weights, along with the tools and parts necessary to keep your scale equipment functioning and in compliance with your company, local and state requirements. In addition, Acme Scale Company maintains a Heavy Duty Test Truck to calibrate and repair your truck scales and other heavy capacity scale equipment.

Quality Assurance and Industry Compliance Acme Scale Company’s scale calibration service is unsurpassed. Our calibration process is backed by a genuine Quality Assurance Program. We are not only committed to maintaining traceability of all our test equipment but also to the assurance that the accuracy of our test weights is maintained between calibration intervals. We offer Certificates of Calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) and we can provide traceable documents in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.  We are ISO17025 Accredited by A2LA (Certificate Number: 3461.01).

Ask us about our ISO17025 program. Contact us for more information on our “Calibration Service Quality Assurance Program” and how we might be able to assist you with your ISO17025, GMP, FDA requirements, NIST, or other quality programs. Toll free 1-(888) 638-5040 or email us!

Systems and Data Collection

In today’s competitive and fast moving markets, technology and communication are changing daily. Because your scale is your company’s cash register, you need your weight data to be reliable and immediate in order to process transactions or to communicate with other equipment within your plant. For more than a decade, Acme Scale has designed and developed commercial software for scales. Our systems are uniquely configured for our customer’s requirements and ease of operator interfacing. Our software utilizes a Windows Operating System, is Type Approved for commercial applications, and can be used for attended or unattended weighing applications. Detailed transaction records are stored in a database, giving you instant access to information for administration, invoicing, and compliance.