Replacing a Mechanical Truck Scale: Is It Time?

Replacing a Mechanical Truck Scale: Is It Time?

Many years ago, mechanical truck scales were the truck scales, and everybody used them. However, times have changed — and so have scales. If you’re still using a mechanical truck scale, it may be time to consider modernizing your equipment. Read on to learn why an upgrade could be beneficial.

The Problem with Mechanical Truck Scales

One of the main problems with mechanical truck scales is that their critical components are mounted directly to the pit floor, extending approximately 24 inches upward. The reason this setup is problematic is that the pit can’t always be properly maintained. When the pit isn’t kept clean and dry, a combination of water, moisture, and the moist material at the bottom of the pit does damage to the steel components of the scale. The rust and corrosion process accelerates, and the mechanical truck scale experiences an increased rate of deterioration.

How an Upgrade Can Solve This Problem

When you choose to upgrade to new technology, such as fully electronic scales, you are removing the element of critical components that sit low in a traditional pit. Instead, the critical components are located within 14.5 inches from the top of the scale deck — far removed from the moist, dirty pit floor.

Additionally, all service and maintenance is done from the top of the scale. This means that a scale technician will never need access to the tight quarters of the pit. The old lever system in the pit is history, too, which means no one has to maneuver around a mechanical level system in order to clean the pit.

In short, upgrading your scale to new technology means lower cost of ownership, improved weighing accuracy, a higher rate of efficiency, and — most of all — a safer environment that keeps your employees and your equipment protected.

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