Reliable High-Speed In-Motion Weighing from METTLER TOLEDO

Reliable High-Speed In-Motion Weighing from METTLER TOLEDO

For high-speed weighing situations, there’s no better option than the METTLER TOLEDO 9477 scale conveyor combined with the IND570dyn terminal. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this scale conveyor and why it works so well with the IND570.

The METTLER TOLEDO 9477 Scale Conveyor

The METTLER TOLEDO 9477 scale conveyor is an in-motion scale that accurately weighs cases, bags, large boxes, and other parcels. It boasts a sturdy frame that can handle heavy items, which makes it an excellent option for the brutal conditions of an industrial processing facility. The conveyor can be customized for length/width/height and has variable best speed.


When you pair the 9477 with the IND570dyn terminal, the result is the IND9D57 controller — an optimal weighing solution.

The conveyor speeds has approved speeds of up to 240 feet (73 meters) per minute, making it perfect for a variety of high-volume industrial applications such as transport and logistics.  

There are two software package options for the IND9D57:

  • EXPRESSWEIGH® – Great for processing parcels or other random items.
  • EXPRESSCHECK® – Perfect for chemical, food, and beverage processing, where rapid over/under checkweighing is required.

No matter which package is selected, each comes with U.S.-approved legal-for-trade performance. They can also be used in applications with higher speeds (up to 500 feet or 160 meters per minute) for non-approved applications.

The Benefits of the IND9D57

By implementing this integrated solution, users can enjoy high-throughput unattended operation, the capacity for a variety of item shapes and sizes, and access to higher-level warehouse management software for reporting they can count on. And when configured for checkweighing, there are even more perks: stored targets, reject device control, and user-friendly operator controls.

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