Preventing Cross-Contamination in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Preventing Cross-Contamination in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, high standards are a must. Avoiding cross-contamination is critical, because contamination wreaks havoc with product quality and can even result in costly product recalls.

To control cross-contamination, there is a slew of standards and regulations that oversee the production environment. These include Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidance from authorities like the FDA and WHO. A key principle in the GMP guide is that equipment used in pharmaceutical manufacturing should, among other things, prevent contamination of the product if it is used as intended.

Avoiding cross-contamination in pharmaceutical manufacturing is accomplished not just by adhering to regulations; it’s also accomplished by choosing the right equipment from leading manufacturers that produce certified products.

Equipment That Meets Standards

There are a few key standards to which proper pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment must adhere. These include:

  • Using the right construction materials
  • Using an open construction structure
  • Avoiding crevices, niches, and open spaces

The right construction materials need to be resistant to corrosion, non-absorbent, and non-toxic. Microorganisms can thrive unless the surface roughness is below 0.81 micrometers.

Open construction is important because all relevant areas of the equipment need to be easily accessible for cleaning and decontamination. Hollowed areas need to be limited or avoided altogether and horizontal surfaces should be rounded.

Finally, equipment should be built without crevices and niches, and all angles and corners should be rounded to avoid accumulation of contaminants.

There are other features that can help reduce cross-contamination, such as double sealing of housing, vents, easy removal of components, smooth surfaces, and no open threads or fasteners.

Finding the Right Equipment for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The scales and testing equipment used in a pharmaceutical lab should be built to exacting standards and GMP guidance.

We offer METTLER TOLEDO pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment that is built to precise standards, designed specifically to reduce the chances of cross-contamination. By using this equipment, you’re getting high-quality pieces that can reduce the risk of poorer product quality and product recalls.

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