New PBK9 Series High-Precision Bench Scale from Mettler Toledo

New PBK9 Series High-Precision Bench Scale from Mettler Toledo

If you use high-precision bench scale platforms, you are probably familiar with the K-Line from Mettler Toledo. The K-Line has a long history of providing excellent service with reliability and accuracy, but a newer series – the PBK9 Series High-Precision Bench Scale – offers more options for platform size, capacity, readability, repeatability, and more.

Here’s a comparison between the K-Line and the PBK9 Series of high-precision bench scale platforms.

Superior Weighing Performance

One thing that stands out about the PBK9 Series is that it has superior weighing performance when compared not only to the K-Line, but also other bench scale platforms in the industry.

One example comes with readability. The chart below shows a comparison between the PBK989 platform and the K-Line series for approved applications and non-approved applications:

pic 1

The next chart shows typical repeatability, as well as typical linearity deviation:

chart 2

As you can see, the PBK9 Series offers more options across the board for weighing performance. The PBK9 Series offers less deviation, which results in less potential for error. Likewise, results with the PBK9 Series are more repeatable, which also reduces the potential for error.

When weighing performance matters, the PBK9 Series is a significant upgrade over existing K-Line products.

Robustness and Design

The PBK9 Series is also more robust and features better hygienic design.

For example, the K-Line series only has single overload protection via springs, while the PBK9 features a rubber bumper, flexible frame, overload stop, and monobloc with integrated overload protection.

When it comes to access for cleaning, the K-Line series uses a spring-based overload protection (as mentioned above), which makes it difficult to clean due to the fixed load plate that can’t be removed. In contrast, the PBK9 Series has an easy-to-remove load plate for cleaning access with no small gaps.

Plus, the newer series is hygienic, with no exposed threads. The older series features open threads that can be problematic.

Additionally, load cell replacement is easier thanks to the connector design and load introduction design. The load cell for the K-Line series, by comparison, is more difficult to replace. And spare parts are interchangeable and easy to install with the PBK9 Series thanks to the same mechanical construction; the K-Line features different construction, which results in different spare parts.

PBK9 Series High-Precision Bench Scale: a Superior Upgrade

If you have existing K-Line units, you should consider upgrading your equipment to the superior PBK9 Series.

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