MVF Weigh Modules for Life Science

MVF Weigh Modules for Life Science

The life science industry continues to evolve and expand as innovative technologies and designs yield better ways to work for accuracy, efficiency, and improved productivity. This includes the new weighing platforms that raise the bar for life science work.

WMF weigh modules provide a design that maximizes productive levels for those who use it. Its high resolution of up to 2 million digits offers the option to weigh containers of various sizes on the same WMF weigh module. This unique feature speeds up the entire process for improved productivity when multiple vials, ampoules, syringes, tablets or capsules are weighed at one time. Results are accurate, too, even as it allows for the weighing of tens of thousands of samples an hour.

Compact in size, WMF weigh modules don’t take up control cabinet space, are easy to clean, and include power over Ethernet connectivity. Users can take advantage of other great features listed below:

Deliver High Performance via Overload Protection

WMF weigh modules provide innovative overload protection to help ensure a long service life. This assists in elevating accuracy of the weigh module during normal operation, while also offering protection should a malfunction occur.

Connect with Most PLC Systems

Connectivity through EtherNet/IP or PROFINET IO RT is an important part of the space-saving feature WMF weigh modules allow. Device Description Files of commands, menus, and display formats are comprehensive, making PLC integration easy. 

Easy-to-Replace Weighing Platform

The weighing pan is simple to change for faster processing, minimizing downtime. 

Fast Functionality for Smooth Processing

There is never a need to interrupt the production process for calibration with an external reference weight. Mounted adapters can stay put for calibration

High Throughput Rates

Final weight values are processed much faster due to WMF weigh modules having a customized microprocessor. Intelligent adaptive filters also suppress disturbing effects from vibrations in record time. 

Protecting for Clean-in-Place Procedures

There’s never a need to disassemble WMF weigh modules for cleaning. Stainless steel housing (316L), FDA-compliant sealing, and the optional IP65 wash-down feature allow for in-place cleaning procedures

Raising the Bar for Weigh Modules in Life Science Labs

For the latest innovations in weigh models for life science work, Acme Scale is the go-to for fast, accurate, and simplified products, like those designed by Mettler ToledoContact us to talk over your needs for life science work. You can also check out our product catalog for a complete listing of products we offer.