Mettler-Toledo’s New Washdown Checkweighing Series

Mettler-Toledo’s New Washdown Checkweighing Series

“In the food production industry, there is nothing more crucial than keeping consumers safe from contamination—bacterial or otherwise…It is extremely important that product equipment is able to stand up to the rigorous cleaning routines required to maintain a hygienic environment without sacrificing accuracy.” 

—Dr Jürgen Kress (General Manager, Mettler Toledo Garvens)

Mettler-Toledo recently launched a new series of washdown-resistant checkweighers. These systems are made for precision weighing applications in food manufacturing environments. Here’s what you need to know. 

The New Washdown Resistant Checkweighers 

The new line of equipment series is designed specifically for use in situations that demand stringent cleaning processes that use caustic cleaning agents to fight risks of bacterial contamination. They accomplish all of this without compromising their weighing accuracy. 

Mettler-Toledo’s new checkweighers are ideal for dairy products, since during the food production processes liquid product ingredients can frequently spill over and contaminate parts of the machinery that have direct or indirect contact with the product.


The open-frame design of the series provides quick and easy access for washdown purposes  with four feet on the floor. Sloped surfaces are featured to keep liquid and debris from collecting, which helps mitigate bacterial contamination. Conveyor belts can also be removed smoothly for cleaning. 

Mettler-Toledo’s new systems are IP69 tested and are resistant to the majority of disinfectants and caustic detergents, which are in line with the ECOLAB Material Compatibility Test. This is true of the checkweigher’s multiple touchscreens too—they do not need to be covered or removed during typical cleaning procedures. This results in reduced downtime for regular cleaning processes. 

The new washdown checkweighers are in compliance with regulations governing conveyor materials which are expected to come into contact with food, which includes Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and Regulation (EU) 10/2011 which supports the costumer in their need to adhere to US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

They are also in adherence with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), as well as the global weighing regulations. 

The new series includes two lines: C33 PlusLine Washdown Checkweigher and the C35 AdvancedLine Washdown Checkweigher. Let’s take a look at both. 

C33 PlusLine Washdown Checkweigher 

The C33 PlusLine helps ensure worker safety with its 12” touchscreen monitor at the front of the system. Its IP69 rating means it doesn’t need to be removed or covered during cleaning. Runtime data and statistics are provided by the system in over 30 languages with other accessibility and options featured. 

The C33 PlusLine also features self-adjusting elastic belts that remove any need for tensioning. When necessary, and with most setups, cleaning with the parts in place is possible. The flip-up design of the conveyors allow easy access to all critical areas. 

C35 AdvancedLine Washdown Checkweigher 

The C35 can handle a weighing range from 25 g to 7 kg and handles speeds up to 250 packs per minute. It uses a stable weighing platform to give you an accurate, consistent weight. 

Mettler-Toledo uses a specific system frame in the C35 which is designed according to outlined hygienic principles, and features sloped surfaces to help prevent liquid collection. 

The weighing software uses open interfaces, including OPC UA, Pack ML and Fieldbus, to support IoT/Industry 4.0 initiatives. 

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