METTLER TOLEDO Vehicle Scales: What Sets Them Apart?

METTLER TOLEDO Vehicle Scales: What Sets Them Apart?


When you’re weighing your options for vehicle scales, you need to consider important factors like performance, durability, accuracy and reliability. At Acme, we became a METTLER TOLEDO authorized distributor because we believe in the quality of their truck scales more than any others. Their extensive development process meets and even exceeds industry requirements, which provides you peace of mind and ultimately a great return on your investment. Read on to learn more about the production process that sets MT vehicle scales apart from the rest.


  • Rigorous Design Standards


The first step in METTLER TOLEDO’s thorough production process is completing a computer-aided design of the vehicle scale. This design is three-dimensional and allows us to ensure that every feature of the scale, down to the smallest detail, meets design standards. The company has used this step for over 20 years, which has allowed them to hone expertise in scale models quickly.


  • Finite Element Analysis


After generating the computer-aided design, the design is subjected to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which works to show high and low stress areas of the scale. The FEA process produces an image that shows how the scale will function under different scenarios, and with this information, the design can be altered before the prototype is built, if necessary.


  • Stress Level Testing


After the design has been approved and the prototype has been built, the scale moves into the testing phase. METTLER TOLEDO employs a machine they call the Module Masher that can apply 20 years worth of wear to the scale in just 6-8 weeks by working around the clock, 24 hours a day. The company tests every single one of their scales with this method to ensure durability, and MT is the only company in the industry who commits to performing this kind of test.

The stress areas of the scale have actually already been identified through FEA, but computer calculations, no matter how advanced, cannot replace real-life performance tests. In this stage of the process, modules are placed on the scale with rubber feet that can apply pressure in the exact patterns that a truck’s tires would. The stress levels identified through FEA testing are monitored at this point to determine the accuracy of the computer calculations.


  • Life Cycle Testing


Other industries also use life cycle testing, and the best example is the automotive industry. The object of this testing is to determine how a machine will perform over the duration of its functional existence. The automotive industry performs life cycle testing by simulating road conditions like curves and bumpy roads as well as runs the engine for thousands of miles to see how it holds up. For life cycle testing of vehicle scales, METTLER TOLEDO uses the Module Masher again to apply pressure to the scale in strategic patterns until the scale fails. The failure of the scale is then analyzed to determine the life expectancy of the scale. This process also helps provide direction for improvements that need to be made to scale design. Again, MT is the only manufacturer in the game that performs this level of prototype testing. This ensures that they produce the most rugged and reliable scales in the industry.  


  • Regulatory Testing


Every scale produced by any company is required to undergo regulatory testing. During this phase, the concentrated load capacity (CLC) for the scale, which is determined by the manufacturer, is tested by running the CLC across the scale 2-3 times. METTLER TOLEDO knows that this testing is not sufficient for showing the real durability of a scale and does not truly test the life-long potential of the scale. MT performs steps 3 and 4 to make up for the gap to ensure that every scale lasts.


  • History of Reliable Performance


The most authentic confirmation of METTLER TOLEDO’s design process is its proven reliability across more than 100 years of business. Additionally, their orthotropic designs have seen success consistently for over 25 years. We invest wholehearted trust in the quality, ruggedness and durability of MT’s scales because of their extensive production process and proven success.

Buying a vehicle scale is a huge commitment, and we know you are looking for one that will offer you the best possible return on your investment. For us, METTLER TOLEDO stands apart from the rest, and we wouldn’t trust other scales to hold up like theirs do. To browse these scales and our other products, check out our product catalog or contact us today.