The Pitfalls of Buying from the Internet (…and ways to avoid them)

The Pitfalls of Buying from the Internet (…and ways to avoid them)

trash_moneyPitfall #1: The scale doesn’t work properly, now what?

  • Who is responsible for supporting your new scale?
  • Who carries the burden of the manufacturer’s warranty for the new scale?
  • Who fixes it?

What happens if there is a problem? An online catalog company across the country is not going to be able to help you. If you call them for help, some of the following may occur:

The seller may ask you to call the manufacturer who may walk you through a few things to try. In the end, if the problem still exists, you may have to send the unit back at your own cost for evaluation and/or repair. You may be responsible for the freight costs to ship it back to you. If it is a floor scale, that could be costly.

You may be forced to contract with a local scale technician to come to your facility and evaluate – at your own expense! At that point, the technician may not have the right parts in his possession to fix the scale resulting in more down time while parts are ordered. You will be charged for the initial evaluation time and trip and you’ll be charged again when the part comes in and the tech comes out to your facility to perform the repair. Additionally, the local technician may not be an authorized agent of the manufacturer to begin with making the repair process longer and potentially voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

With the time and money you put in to getting your internet purchase fixed, you would have saved money buying it locally. These events can lead to down time and you still don’t have an operating scale. You are losing more than money, you are losing productivity which will negatively affect your operations and business.

technicianPitfall #2: Internet companies do not offer and will not setup or perform calibration at your facility.

Acme/Empire Scale offers a service to have a technician come to your facility to properly setup and calibrate the scale in its new home. The technician carries extra materials to ensure your scale is sitting solid on the surface where it is placed, calibrated with certified test weights, and tested. In some cases, floor scales with frames are bolted the ground.

Pitfall # 3: Not reporting “Legal for Trade” scales to the County of Weights and Measures.

pitfall_logosThere are specific scales that meet the requirements for Legal for Trade. An internet company across the country will not calibrate or report your scale to the County of Weights and Measures, a governing agency. (This the same governing agency which governs the gas pumps.) If you purchase your scale for commercial use, meaning freight, recycling, or trade of weight for money, the scale legally is to be calibrated by a certified agent and registered with the county within 24 hours. Acme Empire Scale Technicians, who are certified agents can do this for you.

gasIf a county inspector stops by and asks to see your scale and you have not reported it, there will be a discussion. Sometimes a notice to get the unit certified is issued. A fine, or even confiscation can occur. Don’t take chances!

How to Avoid These Traps

It’s time you call the experts at Acme/Empire Scale and give us an opportunity to develop a relationship with you. Our experienced Sales Engineers are experts and are working with other companies that do exactly what you do. In fact, we likely have experience working with companies with very similar operations. We will work with you to streamline operations and keep you from falling into these traps while saving you money. We can guide you to what equipment you need for your operations and if necessary, meet the county and/or environmental standards.

helpWe support all equipment we provide to you. We carry the burden of warranty specified by the manufacturer. In the event your scale isn’t working properly, we will discuss it with you over the phone. If necessary, we will send a technician out to examine the scale on your behalf. If it is under warranty, we will repair and cover the parts and labor.

Do not get yourself into a position where you are spending time troubleshooting scales. Let us do this for you!
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