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Acme Scale Company is California’s Premier Industrial Scales Distributor. We are the sole distributor of Mettler Toledo Industrial Scales and Systems in Northern California warehousing the largest inventory of product and parts in the State. In addition, we represent AMETEK Chatillon, Ohaus, Lloyds TCI, and many other internationally recognized scale manufacturers. We provide your best source for weighing applications, materials testing, systems integration, scale equipment repair, and scale calibration services.

We specialize in industrial weighing applications, staffed with five (5) experienced application specialists and eleven (11) factory-trained scale technicians. Additionally, we have seven (7) customer service representatives ready to answer your questions and schedule your 24/7 service calls.

We have proudly served our customers’ industrial scale requirements since 1913, dedicated to industrial weighing applications in production, processing, and shipping for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, agriculture, waste management, aggregate, manufacturing, oil-refining, and food. We provide on-site application and engineering support for a wide range of processes and operations improving our customers’ profits and return on investment.

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We provide a documented “Quality Assurance Program” for scale calibration and repairs traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) complete with “Certificates of Calibration.” We are ISO17025 accredited by A2LA (Certificate Number: 3461.01) and can provide ISO17025 accredited Certificates of Calibration.  We also offer regular Scale Inspections and Preventative Maintenance Agreements to ensure accountability and a history of every scale.

Empire Scale Company, our sister company, was established in 1935 in Southern California as a sales, rental, and service organization featuring a complete line of Scales, Force Measurement Equipment, Test Devices, and Weighing Systems. Empire Scale installs, tests, and calibrates equipment at the customer’s site and offers Preventative Maintenance Agreements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you calibrate the scale equipment I have?

We calibrate a vast range of industrial scales and force measurement equipment from numerous manufacturers.   With information including the manufacture, model number, and capacity of your scale equipment, we can determine if we can calibrate your equipment.

How quickly can someone come out to service my scale/assess my need for scales.

We make every effort to book a sales or service visit as quickly as possible.  Several factors can affect our ability to service your location such as your location, the type of equipment you have, and our current sales and service schedule.  While we service all of northern California, we are headquartered in the San Francisco bay area and your location can affect our ability to schedule.  We will collect information about your equipment and/or equipment needs and either propose a service date or book a sales visit.

What kind of support do you offer for my scales?

We offer a full range of support for industrial scales and force measurement equipment.  We offer installation, training, scale calibration, maintenance, scale repair, and emergency service.  We support all of the industrial scales and equipment we sell and strive to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Our goal is that you utilize your equipment to its fullest potential while minimizing downtime.

How long does it take for me to get a scale?

Lead times on new industrial scales and equipment vary significantly. Some of the industrial scales and force measurement equipment we sell are stocked but most equipment is built to order and will have an associated lead time.  Our sales engineers will work with you to determine the best equipment to meet your unique application.  If lead time is a factor for you, we will offer solutions to fit your timeline and provide you with the information you need to manage your project timeline.

What kind of scale do I need?

Every application is unique.  The kind of industrial scales you need depends on numerous factors such as what you are weighing, the size and shape of your product, the weight of each unit or product to be weighed, the desired locations of the industrial scales, your data requirements, and the functionality you need.   Our team of sales engineers will ask you questions to determine the most appropriate solution for your application.

How do I take care of my scale?

Scale maintenance and scale calibration are multifaceted.  From routine cleaning and inspection to scheduled inspections, scale calibrations and scale repairs, there are many factors to consider and pursue to properly take care of your industrial scales.

What do I do if my scale isn’t working?

Call the experts at Acme Scale!  We will schedule a service call to inspect your industrial scales and run diagnostics to determine why they aren’t working and diagnose how to get your industrial scales back up and running while minimizing downtime.

How long does my scale last?

Industrial scale life varies depending on the quality of the scale, the industrial scale type (for example truck scales last longer than bench scales), the environment where the scale is located, the scale calibration and maintenance program you choose, and your service provider.