Industrial Floor Scales

Companies with specialized industrial operations that rely on heavy-duty lifting have specific needs—and require suitable solutions when choosing industrial floor scales. Acme Scales is an industry leader in the sale of high-precision, accurate, and cost-effective industrial floor scales.

What Value Do Floor Scales Offer?


Once properly installed and calibrated, a well manufactured floor scale equipped with cutting edge load cell technology will give you an accurate reading over and over again—no matter the load size. Acme Scale has partnered with industry-leading manufacturers such as Mettler Toledo to offer best-in-class industrial floor scales.  Plus, we offer a variety of industrial scales to address any application, no matter how unique. 

An industrial floor scale is used in a variety of industries such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing.  Each industry has different application needs as well as various items to weigh.   Some industries have harsh environments that require non-corrosive materials and added safety features.  Whereas other industries such as food have special wash-down and cleaning requirements.  Another consideration is the industrial scale material.  Some applications require stainless steel, while others are better suited for mild steel while others may require a special tread plate such as pattern plate or smooth plate.  Acme Scale only supplies products made with high-quality materials and superior welding.  We partner with our customers to determine the proper floor scale for every application.

A properly maintained industrial scale will give your company decades of usage. Ongoing preventive maintenance and calibration can add years of life to your industrial scale.  We offer calibrations backed by a quality program performed by factory-trained technicians.

Industrial Scale Applications


Whether working in manufacturing or shipping, every industry has its particular logistics when it comes to weighing and measuring. Your logistical requirements will inform your ideal scale of choice. Find a helpful overview below:


Floor Scale

Finding the right industrial floor scale involves several key factors:

  • Weighing needs;
  • Safety concerns;
  • Corrosion concerns;
  • Wash-down requirements;
  • Maximizing space;
  • Scale clearance. 

A “low-profile” scale accommodates a low clearance when you have a height capacity limit. We offer industrial floor scales that will work with max capacity and weighing surface, ensuring items are weighed accurately.

Portable Industrial Floor Scale

When space is limited, your operations may require a portable weighing system instead of a full-scale industrial scale. Acme Scales has many variations of industrial floor scales available for sale. Each industrial scale has its own unique set of features designed to overcome unique challenges or site limitations.

Some of the more common portable industrial scale options offer key features, including:

  • Mobility. Wheels are heavy-duty castors, solid rubber, or a combination.
  • Battery Powered. Portable industrial floor scales can come with rechargeable batteries.
  • Mechanical. A mechanical beam industrial scale can weigh 100lb to 500kg without a power source.
  • Base. If you require a stable platform that is secure even on uneven surfaces, some portable versions have wheels that can hover as you weigh—ensuring stability while weighing.
  • Additional optional equipment. Some of these industrial scales may need extra equipment such as ramps, mounting brackets, and clamshells.

Washdown Scales

If your industrial scale has to operate in unclean or abrasive conditions, a washdown scale provides easy cleaning of the industrial scale’s surface.

Some standard washdown industrial scale options include:

  • Quick Clean. This industrial scale type has a gas shock, which features a manual support bar that props open the platform, enabling underdeck cleaning.
  • Sanitary Deck. Some models are equipped with a removable top cover for easy surface sanitizing.
  • Hostile Environments. These unique systems are built with corrosive-resistant materials.

Barrel, Drum, & Pallet Scales

Barrel, drum, and pallet industrial scales are often irregularly sized and shaped. This can make keeping items steady when loading and weighing a challenge. Adding a customized platform industrial scale helps further secure materials and makes weighing liquid-carrying drums and barrels easier. Plus, adding a platform industrial scale offers more reliability and accuracy when weighing. 

These are some of the options associated with barrel, drum, and pallet scales.

  • Low profile industrial floor scale. It’s easier to lift items to be weighed with this option. It has a hinged ramp, which makes loading and unloading easy.
  • Live side rails. These heavy-duty rails run along the sides of the load cell. These side rails support items larger than the industrial scale.
  • Sealed load cells. A sealed load cell environment helps prevent leakage and corrosion when weighing barrels and drums.

Some Factors to Consider for Your Industrial Floor Scale Needs

  • Scale size. An easy-to-maneuver industrial scale is your best bet. Choose a size suitable for your requirements so you can load and unload easily.
  • Platform scale capacity. This is important, whether you need a heavy-duty industrial floor scale for higher capacities or a portable option to handle lighter weights.
  • Accuracy. An industrial floor scale with load cells made of stainless steel alloys will give you accurate readings even under pressure.
  • Durability. An industrial floor scale made with high-quality materials will be durable, heavy-duty, and long-lasting. Choosing an industrial scale suited to harsh conditions or tough industrial environments is essential.
  • Flexibility. An industrial floor scale with flexible footpads will allow the machine to work more effectively, be easier to operate, and provide improved accuracy.

Your Industrial Floor Scale Experts

When it comes to industrial scale expertise, we deliver across the board. We specialize in preventive maintenance, service, scale calibration, and scale repair for your industrial floor scale—as well as ramps, loading platforms, and additional accessories. Since 1913, we have supplied industrial weighing applications for several specialized environments.

Whether you need industrial floor scales for the loading, process, and shipping of food—or for the waste management, pharmaceutical, agriculture, manufacturing, or aggregate industries, we have models and features specifically designed with your needs in mind.