Solid Waste

Solid Waste

Reliability You Can Count On When Weight Is Essential

Managing a solid waste facility is no small task. It requires truck traffic management, complex financial transactions, all while meeting regulatory requirements. Your weight data is crucially important to maximizing your efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Our state of the art weighing solutions are rugged and have the highest accuracy available. Partnered with Metttler Toledo, we offer superior products and data management systems to process your truck traffic quickly and give you access to your critical weight data.

load scales truckload scales trucksThe Mettler Toledo PDX truck scales have unequalled reliability, predicative diagnostics, and simplified communication. PDX load cells weigh with the highest accurately, using an on-board microprocessor, in the toughest environments – from scorching heat to the wettest locations, these load cells have a proven record of reliable weighing. The predictive diagnostics provide you with real time information including weighing errors, overloading, environmental conditions, network health, load cell voltages and enclosure integrity. The PDX load scales trucksload cells eliminate the need for a junction box by connecting in a simple network. This means less downtime as junction boxes are a common cause of scale failure. The PDX load scales truckload scales truckloadcells are a quick-connect design, they are water tight and use heavy duty double-shielded stainless steel cable. Every second your truck scale is down costs you money – why take chances anything less than a PDX truck scale?

Vehicle Scale Software

Your truck scale is an integral part of your facility’s operation. With a software solution, your truck scale is automated and becomes a complete data management center. The Mettler Toledo DataBridge software provides Truck Scale Softwareinstant access to crucial information such as waste, vehicles, and customers in the weighing transactions. The software generates tickets, reports, and stores your information for compliance. Simpler processing, faster transactions, and reduced errors streamline you operation while boosting your productivity and efficiency.