How to Buy the Right Weigh Modules

How to Buy the Right Weigh Modules

There’s more to weigh modules than just weighing loads.

Not all weigh modules are created equal. They vary greatly in price, levels of performance, durability, and longevity. Choosing the right weigh modules for your operation is an important task and obligation that must take into account all of the variables in order to find the right module for the right job.

At Acme Scales, we sell weigh modules that we know to be capable of handling a wide variety of tasks in the field with a solid mix of cost-effectiveness, durability, and performance. Below are tips you can follow to find the right weigh modules for your operation.

Accuracy and Precision

One of the first – and most important – considerations for a weigh module is accuracy.

No weighing element designed to help you measure the weight of an object, big or small, is worth much without it being accurate and precise. The level of precision needed varies, naturally, so finding a weigh module that meets that required level of precision is important.

Evaluate how precise you need your modules to be, and then choose accordingly. Weigh module manufacturers communicate how accurate their modules are, which gives you an idea of which one is more applicable to your needs.


Evaluating price isn’t as simple as choosing the weigh module that costs less. There are two factors in play: the cost of acquisition and the cost of ownership.

The cost of acquisition is simply the cost of purchasing the weigh modules. This is the simplest way to evaluate price. The cost of ownership is how much it costs you to own the module over the lifespan of the module. This number is always larger and can vary drastically between providers.

Since you want your weigh modules to last for a long time, looking at total cost of ownership is generally preferable and will give you a better idea for your long-term budget. Paying more up front for a weigh module that is designed for greater durability is advised.

Durability and Longevity

Weigh modules are engineered to last and to withstand high amounts of pressure and weight. (They wouldn’t be very good at their job if they weren’t.) With that being said, the industry varies greatly in terms of durability and longevity.

At Acme Scales, we believe durability is one of the most important factors behind choosing weigh modules. Replacing modules every few years is time-intensive, costly, and frustrating. Having modules that can withstand the pressures of the job is far more preferable than having a product that can’t go the distance.

Seismic Considerations in California

Here in California we have earthquakes.  They occur without warning and can be very dangerous.  Ground shaking from earthquakes can cause significant issues for weigh module systems.  All of California lies within Seismic Zone 3 and 4 and therefore seismic forces must be taken into consideration when choosing a weigh module system.

Whether you’re buying compression weigh modules or tension load cells, choose the right ones for your job. Know what you need and require, not the next business. Stick to your objectives and parameters and find the modules with the right specs to match.

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