How Clean Truck Scales Save You Money

How Clean Truck Scales Save You Money

truck scaleLetting your truck scale gather dirt and debris may seem like the easiest way to operate, but it’s actually a much bigger issue than most people realize. Here are a few ways cleaning your truck scale can actually save you money and help your business run more smoothly.

Avoid Rust and Corrosion

One of the most expensive things about the trucking business is replacing hardware. Keeping your scale dry can help you avoid a lot of the rust and corrosion that could come in and cause the equipment to deteriorate.

Inspect your truck scale every day to ensure that your pumps and your pit drainage system are both functioning correctly. For surface mounted scales, make sure there is enough space between the structure and the ground so that everything stays dry. Pit mounted scales should be checked each month for ponding water, and a rust inspection should be conducted twice a year.

Beware the Spring and Fall

The spring and fall seasons can be especially challenging times for keeping your truck scale clean. With water and debris potentially freezing inside the scale if temperatures drop at night, moving parts may not function properly in the morning. Even if the problem begins with a noncritical component, it can quickly spread to more critical ones like a load cell connector.

A good way to prevent this issue is to invest in a drip pit, which collects debris from truck tires as the truck enters the scale by acting as an oversized grate and forcing rocks and debris to pop out of the tire treads before it enters the scale. Wheel washes and weekly inspections can also go a long way in keeping everything clean and well-functioning.

Have Your Scale Cleaned

A dirty scale can create excessive friction, which shortens the lifespan of expensive hardware and may affect your readings, too. We recommend having your scale cleaned regularly so that moist dirt and debris are not encasing the base plates which causes deterioration of the steel. They say – rust never sleeps and it’s true, rust caused by moisture and water will attack the steel and is responsible for the replacement of steel scale components.

Keep Weighing Accurately

The bottom line of keeping your scale clean is all about staying in compliance. A scale that isn’t weighing correctly could mean that you’re held legally responsible for the ramifications of that reading, which will end up losing your customers’ trust and costing a lot more money than scale maintenance would have.

Twice a year, have your truck scale serviced and aggregated by a professional—especially around the spring and fall. Acme Scale Company is here to serve you with our line of products, our maintenance professionals, and more. Take a look at our services today!