Biotech & Pharma

Biotech & Pharma

When Accuracy and Uptime are Vital and Regulatory Standards are Rigorous

Weighing is significant in biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Whether it’s in the research lab, production facility, or packaging and logistics facility, the instrument must deliver accurate results with consistency over time – frequently in a challenging environment. Ingredients can be expensive and rare. Ensuring reliable and accurate results is essential for cost-effective and efficient processes. Utilizing the correct equipment for every application is vital for accuracy, regulatory compliance and to prevent costly downtime.

Analytical laboratory

Acme Scale’s experienced Sales Engineers work closely with our biotech and pharmaceutical customers to match the correct weighing sensor to the process tolerance. We work with you to satisfy your functional requirement while meeting the desired physical layout or footprint. We understand manufacturing environments may be rough and that cleaning environment can be harsh and we have partnered with Mettler Toledo to provide you with the best equipment available. Equipment is installed and calibrated by factory trained technicians with extensive experience in the industry. Our qualified personnel are available for maintenance and on-going inspection and calibration of your equipment to ensure accurate results over time.


Mettler Toledo SoftwareTo further ensure quality, consistency, and data accuracy, we offer software packages to optimize weighing process in filling, formulation, and data communication. Mettler Toledo’s FormWeigh.Net, an advanced formulation software program, is one of the software packages we offer.  The FormWeigh.Net® system for dispensing and formulation is designed to simplify your formulation needs. FormWeigh.Net helps to increase productivity and efficiency in batch manufacturing, guarantee consistent product quality and ensure complete batch documentation.