The Greatest Cause of Scale Failure – and How to Solve It

The Greatest Cause of Scale Failure – and How to Solve It

Most of the time, when we think of innovation, we think of inventing something new. While that’s sometimes true, innovation can also mean solving a problem or improving a process so that efficiency is improved.

So how does this relate to scales – and ultimately, how can it improve weighing accuracy?

The Most Common Cause of Scale Failure

According to data collected from service and repair records, the leading cause of scale failure is rooted in the junction boxes (also known as summing boxes). The reason junction boxes have so many problems and can lead to scale issues is that they are often opened in order to make adjustments to a scale, which leaves the electrical components exposed to the elements.

Eventually, this exposure can cause the components to experience glitches and cause scale failures, resulting in weighing inaccuracies, weighing failures, and more. Almost every scale manufacturer has tried to design a better junction box that’s more resistant to environmental damage, but even so, junction boxes remain the leading cause of scale failures.

METTLER TOLEDO Has the Solution!

The only permanent solution to the junction box problem comes in the form of the POWERCELL PDX load-cell system from METTLER TOLEDO. As the first vehicle scale system with absolutely no junction box, MT has essentially removed the source of the problem and provided greatly improved reliability for scales — even those in harsh weather conditions.

Scale operators who use the POWERCELL PDX load-cell system make fewer service calls, enjoy decreased repair costs, and experience greater overall reliability with their scale. When weighing accuracy means money, there just isn’t room for error — and nobody understands that like METTLER TOLEDO.

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