For Companies Making COVID Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Scale Manufacturing Capability Is Key

For Companies Making COVID Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Scale Manufacturing Capability Is Key

Quality is a main proponent in any pharmaceutical business. Having well-performing pharmaceutical scales is crucial to maintaining consistent quality across the board. In pharmaceutical settings, you need to have the right precision balances, test weights, and bench scales to floor scales designed for large-scale material handling. Now, with COVID-19 sweeping our nation, having a scale made to handle mass productions of vaccines is critical. 

A Vaccine for the World

In January, when COVID-19 was gaining traction in the United States, Gilead Sciences was only manufacturing more than a few doses of its experimental antiviral remdesivir. The drug wasn’t being studied in any clinical trials, and there was only enough to go around for about 5,000 people. 

Fast-forward a few months, with the onset of one coronavirus pandemic later, and the demand for remdesivir is booming. Now, there stands one major problem in the way––having to scale up production of a drug to give the entire world. 

Gilead is working endlessly to meet the demands for remedisvir, and is already up to 50,000 treatment courses, with a goal of having millions of treatment courses by the end of the year. Still, manufacturing pharmaceuticals isn’t an easy feat, and with demand increasing, it’s limiting how fast the company can churn out the drugs.

The Threat of Limited Raw Materials

Gilead is trying to ramp up manufacturing in a time when supply chains and raw materials have been threatened mercilessly by the coronavirus pandemic––making it increasingly difficult to manufacture drugs. The company has tapped partners to make the drug as well, and has been procuring raw materials and the accelerated manufacturing process. 

As a compound, remdesivir is not particularly difficult to synthesize. The real challenge is trying to make multiple vials of it with a limited supply of raw materials and manufacturing. 

The Importance of Precise Scales in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Weighing equipment, which includes scales and analytical balances, is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. Every ingredient that is used for manufacturing must be weighed appropriately before dispensing. Incorrect weighing of pharmaceutical drugs can affect the quality and ultimately compromise each recipe. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, precision is also important to have a stable and reproducible production. If you want your batches to have consistent quality, you want a precise pharmaceutical scale. With our pharmaceutical scales, you can reduce operating errors by ensuring you get the same weight no matter what area of the scale is being occupied. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic encompassing every inch of our country, it’s important that we use the proper tools to combat the virus. Something as simple as a weighing tool used in the production process could be the difference between 5,000 vaccines and millions of vaccines. 

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