MJ Halogen Moisture Analyzer

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Product Details

Item Code: MJ33 Category: Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Capacity: 35 g Readability: 0.001 g

The MJ33 offers rugged design, basic functionality and simple operation for daily routine inspection. It is particularly well suited for use on the factory floor, e.g. during goods-in inspection. Metal heating elements and simple operation ensure error-free measurement of samples. The basic functionality of the MJ33 makes routine work simple. Fixed endpoint determination omits the need for programming the switch-off criterion. The MJ33 reliably verifies whether the moisture content meets the specifications. Sample by sample, day in, day out.

Standard Features:
• Proven halogen drying
(Infrared drying on MJ33)
• Simple operation
• Rugged construction for production environments
• Large, easy-to-read displays
• Integrated printer models available



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