PINMOUNT Weigh Modules

Pinmount WM Data Brief

Specifications – PINMOUNT Weigh Modules – Multi Purpose

Hazardous area approval ATEX Factory MutualWeigh module hardware suitable for hazardous area
Applications Tanks, Vessels, Mixers, Conveyors
Mounting options Stabilizer for fixing, thermal/mechanical isolation pads, dead stand, dummy load cell, spacer for easy load cell exchange
Maximum Capacity 7,5 – 100 t (16,5 – 220 klb)
Features and Benefits
  • Dual integrated lift-off protection
  • Dual vertical safety stop
  • Full 360° integrated checking
  • Dual stabilizer option
  • Capacity range: 7.5t- 100t
  • Rocker pin load cell for best accuracy
  • IP68 load cell, fully stainless
  • NIST Class III M 6000d
  • OIML C3 R60 3000d, 4000d option
  • ATEX and FM approval standard on each load cell
  • Zinc plated or stainless steel mounting hardware