VTC100 Truck Scale

Analog Load Cells
METTLER TOLEDO VTC100 Truck scale The 0782 analog load cell’s rocker-column design automatically aligns load forces for accurate weighing, while eliminating the inherent maintenance and fatigue issues of dual-ended, shear-beam designs. The hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell is rated IP68 for use in all environments.
Orthotropic Design
METTLER TOLEDO VTC100 Truck scale Model VTC100 easily handles the forces generated by normal truck traffic, distributing concentrated loads more effectively than standard I-beam deck structures. The robust orthotropic design is similar to the one used on the Golden Gate Bridge and many other heavily traveled highway bridges around the world.
Proven Performance
Using the “Module Masher” accelerated-life-cycle test stand, we have tested actual scale modules for 1 million cycles with a minimum 60,000 lb dual-tandem-axle load tire pattern. This is one of the ways that METTLER TOLEDO goes beyond the competition to provide the most reliable scales in the industry.
Options and Upgrades
Choose from a large selection of options and accessories that let you tailor a truck scale to fit your application. Whether you are adding an unattended terminal, manhole, side rails, wireless remote display, or other options, upgrading your scale is simple




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