VKR208 Load Cell Kit

VKR208 Load Cell Kit Specifications

VKR208 load cell kit



Capacities Standard: 30t (66K); Custom: 20t (44K), 50t (110K)
Suspension Rocker column, compression
Cable Permanently attached 13-meter cable with stainless steel armor
Material Stainless steel
Environmental Protection IP68 submersion, IP69K high-pressure spray, high temperature
Approvals OIML C3 (R60/2000-NL1-12.53)
NIST H44 IIIL-M 10,000d (CC# 13-010)
Lightning Protection 29,000 amps* (requires a StrikeShield™ kit, which is included only in the VKR208 conversion kit)
  • Tested with IND570 terminal


Powercell Hub Specifications
Material Stainless steel
Environmental Protection IP65
Connection Each hub connects up to six load cells


Features Benefits 
  • Strong digital signal provides accurate weighing.
  • On-board microprocessor continually compensates for external factors to maintain highest accuracy.
  • Predictive diagnostics simplify service and maintenance.
Self-Aligning Suspension Provides accurate, repeatable weighing.
Compression Mounting Simple design with no mechanical levers or extra components to become worn or misaligned.
Armored Cables Cables withstand harsh conditions and resist rodent damage.