7566 Truck Scale

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Truck Scale 7566 Data Brief


POWERCELL MTX® load cells are proven to perform with a successful history of nearly one million cells in service worldwide. POWERCELL MTX high-speed weighing technology includes an on-board microprocessor that continually adapts to changing external influences such as temperature, non-linearity, hysteresis, instability, zero change, voltage variation, and scale creep to provide you with the most accurate scale possible.
Orthotropic Design
Model 7566 easily handles the forces generated by normal truck traffic, distributing concentrated loads more effectively than standard I-beam deck structures. The robust orthotropic design is similar to the one used on the Golden Gate Bridge and many other highway bridges around the world.
Lightning Protection
The specially designed StrikeShield™ lightning protection system helps prevent costly downtime by using multiple levels of protection to safeguard your entire scale system: load cells, cables, and terminal. It is the only system that has been tested by third-party laboratories and withstood multiple lightning strikes without failure.
Options and Accessories 
Choose from a large selection of options and accessories that let you tailor a truck scale to fit your application. Whether you are adding a manhole, side rails, wireless remote display, unattended terminal, or other options, upgrading your scale is simple.



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