HE53 & HE73 Moisture Analyzers

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The HE73 Moisture Analyzer has an increased temperature range and allows for wider tolerances.

The HE53 Moisture Analyzer has basic functionality for basic samples


HE53 & HE73 Moisture Analyzers



HE53 & HE73 Moisture Analyzers



Best for use in food and beverage, and water/utilities.

Model HE73 HE53
Capacity 71 g 54 g
Temperature Range 50 – 200°C (122 – 392°F) 50 – 160°C (122 – 320°F)
Readability 0.01% 0.01%
Methods Two methods One method
Free Switch-off Criterion Yes No
Progress Indicator Yes No

• 0.01% MC (1mg) readability
• Bright backlit LCD display
• Robust and compact design


Part Number Description
11600361 Anti-theft device
214695 Cage for bulky samples
30134141 Certified Temperature
214758 Downholder
30094673 P-56RUE
30094674 RS-P28/11
13954 Reusable steel pan, height 15mm
214462 Reusable steel pan, height 6mm
30134140 Temperature kit
30402574 Weight 50g F1AC PL E