Excellence Plus XP Micro Balance

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Item Code: XP Micro Balance Categories: , Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Capacity: 52 g Readability: 0.000001 g

Excellence XP micro balances are especially qualified for micro-dosing directly into large tare containers.

Sample transfer errors can thus be avoided resulting in significant cost savings, particularly for valuable


SmartGrid micro The innovative grid weighing pan, for faster and more secure weighing. The unique grid

weighing pan – in perfect combination with the inner draft shield – successfully minimizes the effects of air

turbulence in the weighing chamber, which dramatically shortens stabilization times.

MinWeigh Door micro allows dosing through a small window, directly into the tare container, without opening

the draft shield. Thanks to less turbulence in the weighing chamber, stable results can be achieved in no time

and the minimum sample weight can be reduced even further.

ErgoClips micro allow secure fastening of small and odd-shaped tare containers for ergonomic weighing. Your

daily weighing routine becomes faster and easier. Dosing of small amounts of precious sample directly into the

desired vessel means minor loss, lower disposal costs and higher productivity.

Features and Benefits
All XP micro and ultra microbalances offer:

World-leading weighing performance:
These micro balances have the highest resolution of any micro balance existing: up to an unmatched 62 million resolution points.

Excellent user friendliness:
The tailored programmable touch-screen display makes operation fast and easy. Up to nine personalized operator settings can be configured, saved and retrieved.

Regulatory compliance:
A set of built-in QM tools guarantees comprehensive data security and documentation.

Place the sample on the weighing pan of a XP balance without touching the balance. Hands-off weighing is quicker and more convenient.

Unrevealed interfacing flexibility – including Ethernet, Bluetooth (wireless) and PS/2 – for faster and error-free data capture and easy network integration.
Backlit graphic display – XP balances with color display – with touch screen operation

Weighing cell with overload protection

proFACT, fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled adjustment

Glass draft shield with automatic door opening (only XP)

SmartSens for hands-off operation (only XP)

Replaceable protective cover

Below-the-balance weighing facility

Country-specific power cable

MinWeigh (activated by local MT Service at your workplace)

Display various units of weight

Perform differential weighing

Carry out piece counting and percent weighing operations

Make statistical evaluations

Calculate with factors

Download software from the Internet



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