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Item Code: PL-E Precision Balances Category: Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo Readability: 0.01 or 0.1 g

PL-E portable precision balances are a dependable, go-anywhere weighing solution. PL models feature bright, clear displays. They are resilient, compact and lightweight, and they are the ideal solution for accurate results in limited spaces. A stackable cover facilitates easy storage. The 10 built-in applications add versatility to these balances.

The PL-E is lightweight yet solidly built, with a precise load cell guaranteeing accurate results. Vibration-resistant design for high performance on temporary work surfaces and in the field.

Handily shaped, the PL-E has a space saving footprint that fits on the smallest benches. Every model can be battery or DC operated, making the balance ideal for work whenever power supply is hard to find.

The PL-E balance is attractive and features large, illuminated digits for legibility under any light conditions. The interface is easy to understand and also gives access to 10 built-in applications for multi-purpose flexibility.

Simply stack and pack up to 5 balances for quick, easy storage – effectively protected against dust and dirt.


Balance model PL602E PL1502E PL6001E
Limit Values
Readability 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.1 g
Maximum Load 620 g 1520 g 6200 g
Adjustment Cal Ext Cal Ext Cal Ext
Repeatability 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.1 g
Linearity 0.02 g 0.03 g 0.2 g
Approval X X X
Balance Size (L × W × H), (mm) 194 × 225 × 67 194 × 225 × 67 194 × 225 × 67
Weighing Pan Size (mm) Ø 160 Ø 160 Ø 160
Accurate Results Cal Ext – Adjustment at a keystroke with an external weight
Efficient Operation Backlit LCD Display
Battery Operation
Stackable Cover for quick and easy storage
Weighing results in different units
Hook for weighing below balance
Quality Assurance Cal Ext – Adjustment at a keystroke with an external weight
Overload protection



620 g, 1520 g, 6200 g

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620 g, 1520 g, 6200 g


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