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Item Code: NEXYGEN Category: Manufacturer: Ametek Chatillon

Data Analysis and Applications Software for the LFPlus Universal Testing Systems
NEXYGEN FM software is an extremely easy to use materials testing software package designed to integrate directly with LLOYD INSTRUMENTS™ and CHATILLON® LFPlus testing machines.

The software is intuitive and allows the user to collect and analyse load and extension data from a common set of pre-configured test setups. It features seamless OLE2 integration with Microsoft® Word® and Excel®, enabling the user to create detailed and comprehensive reports using common and familiar packages. Developed with the user in mind, NEXYGEN FM software is ideal for even the most inexperienced operator, minimising training and allowing you to get up and running easily and quickly!

For routine force measurement and general purpose materials testing applications
Interfaces directly with LLOYD INSTRUMENTS LFPlus materials testing systems and CHATILLON TCD test frames
For CHATILLON digital force gauge users, the software can also interface directly to the force gauge to provide expanded gauge functionality
Very easy to set up and operate

Seamless OLE2 integration with common Microsoft® programs Word® and Excel®:
– Produce automatic reports using Microsoft Word
– Create Word templates allowing results and statistics to be automatically inserted
Logical intuitive software with intelligent prompts and help menus ideal for the unskilled or inexperienced user
Navigation is simple using familiar cut, copy & paste, ‘drag & drop’ techniques
Template feature available for multiple tests saving on setup time
Clear presentation of results in graphical and tabular formats
Results colour coded for immediate Pass/Fail recognition
Auto Save function
Supports mathematical calculations including common statistical operands ie maximum, minimum, mean, median, coefficient of variance and standard deviation
User selectable units for batch results and graphs can be converted at anytime.
Post test analysis including post test modulus or static values, post test yield points
Upgrade to NEXYGEN MT data analysis software or Ondio applications builder software – simplified front end of NEXYGEN FM can be used for operation by unskilled users
Full traceability of results, specimens and test parameters
Advanced data compression optimises accuracy and file size
ISO TickIT certified

Weight 2 lbs

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Weight 2 lbs


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