SLC Interchangeable Loadcell Sensors

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Item Code: SLC-250G Categories: , Manufacturer: Ametek Chatillon Capacity: 0.5 lbs 8 oz 0.2 kg 250 g 2.5 nw Readability: 0.0001 lbs 0.002 oz 0.0001 kg 0.05 g 0.0005 nw

Product Datasheet: SLC_Spec

The Chatillon SLC Series loadcells are designed to be used exclusively with the Chatillon DFS-R-ND Series digital indicator. SLC loadcells feature “Smart Technology.”

The DFS-R-ND digital indicator recognizes the loadcell and automatically scales the gauge to the capacity of the loadcell connected.

Load readings are selectable in gf, ozf, lbf, kgf and N. The SLC loadcells have mechanical overload protection to 150% full scale. Because of the “Smart Technology”, the loadcell will maintain a history of overload occurrences.

Capacities range from .5lbf to 10,000lbf.


Weight 10 lbs

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Weight 10 lbs


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