LG Mechanical Force Gauge

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Item Code: LG-050 Categories: , Manufacturer: Ametek Chatillon Capacity: 50 lbs 20 kg Readability: 0.25 lbs 0.1 kg

Product Datasheet: LG Spec Sheet

The Chatillon LG Series mechanical force gauge is ideal for tensile or compression force measurement applications up to 100 lbf, 50 kgf or 500N. This unidirectional force gauge has one end dedicated to tensile tests and the other dedicated to compressive tests. The gauge features a large, 2-1/4-inch dial, which rotates 360-degrees for taring. A peak hold button is easy to use, holding the pointer at the peak load. The LG Series has a force measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% full scale and included mechanical overload protection.

The gauge is available in lbf, kgf and N units. The gauge comes with a Certificate of Calibration with NIST data, accessories and carrying case.


Tensile Load (one direction dedicated to pull). Compression (one direction dedicated to push). Peak Tension or Compression Load (switch activated)


Weight 12 lbs

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Weight 12 lbs


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