LTCM-100 Motorized Force Tester with Digital Load Limits

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Item Code: LTCM-100 Categories: , Manufacturer: Ametek Chatillon Capacity: 100 lbs 50 kg 500 nw

The Chatillon® LTCM-100 Series motorized tester, combined with a Chatillon gauge, is perfect for applications requiring an economical solution to tensile or compression testing. The LTCM-100 motorized test stand has a large work area making it ideal for production environment or applications with large test samples. Crosshead movement is operator controlled using a switch that can be set to move the crosshead up or down at a specified speed. An optional footswitch can be used for “hands-free operation” and used to control crosshead movement. Speed is user-selectable. Positive braking and high and low limits are standard. Tester includes mechanical and digital load limits that can be used to control crosshead movement, e.g. stop the crosshead when a load limit is achieved.

Force Capacity

110 lbf (500 N)


Selectable Speed Control with LED Indicator
0.2 to 20.0 inch/min
5.0 to 500 mm/min
Independent Return Speed
Digital Load Limits (New!)
Mechanical Deflection Limits
15-inches (380mm) Travel
Large Working Area
Lightweight, Portable Design
Remote Footswitch Crosshead Controller (New!)

Load Measurement System
Chatillon Force Gauges

The LTCM-100 replaces the following motorized testers:
– Chatillon LTCM-6
– Chatillon LTCM-6e


Weight 40 lbs

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Weight 40 lbs


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