Truck Scales / Rail Scales

The Importance of Selecting the Right Truck Scales

Purchasing a truck scale is a major long-term investment. If properly maintained, the right system can last for decades – especially if you regularly calibrate, clean, and inspect the scale system.

But years of reliable service depends on first selecting the best scale system for your location. Truck scales and rail scales come in a wide variety of models and types, from above-ground models to in-ground systems, and including composite designs featuring both concrete and steel.

The truck scales we offer are built with features like orthotropic understructures and concrete driving surfaces that, together, create a more robust structure than more basic designs. Scales with orthotrophic designs can better handle forces generated by normal truck traffic because they distribute concentrated loads more effectively across the surface than typical I-beam decks.

It’s important to talk to a truck or rail scales specialist to find the most ideal configuration for your needs, based on your specifications. The right provider can point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the best truck scale.

Needless to say, the size of the investment makes finding the right scale incredibly important for your bottom line.

Proving Performance

The truck scales we offer are produced by METTLER TOLEDO, the world’s leading provider of industrial scales.

One of the reasons these scales are so in demand is because of the rigorous testing that they undergo. For example, the manufacturer subjects scale modules to its “Module Masher” test stand, which runs through 1 million cycles.

By using this accelerated life cycle test, the manufacturer can ensure the most reliable, proven performance of any truck and rail scales in the industry.
Additionally, you can get better performance from your scales by avoiding some of the more common problems that scales encounter during their operational lifespans – including junction box failure. To avoid this all-too-common situation, the truck scales we offer feature the POWERCELL PDX load-cell system that removes the junction box altogether – offering better reliability and lower repair and maintenance costs.

Why Buy Scales Locally?

As a California truck scales provider, we understand the importance of having a local provider to turn to when purchasing scales of any kind. Local providers not only better understand the environment in which you’re operating; they’re also nearby so you can properly and reliably calibrate and maintain your scale system as long as it is operational.

Local providers can also be more responsive when it comes to customer service than other providers. You are really building a relationship with a trusted partner when you are purchasing truck scales in California – so it makes sense to turn to local experts when making this investment.

Browse through our catalog of truck scales and rail scales and contact us for more information on your next project.