A passion for innovation first established Mettler Toledo as a leader in the field of weighing. Today, with their customers in mind, they continue to develop the latest technology for their precision instruments. This mindset complements Acme Sale Company’s desire to use creative problem-solving to help your workplace run more efficiently. We believe in innovative, precise weighing equipment that streamline your business.

Mettler Toledo has a wide offering of applications, from high precision balances to bench, counting, and floor scales. With quality guaranteed, the decision becomes focused on what is best for your business. Acme Scale Company has a team of industry experts ready to help you make the best buying decision, so take a moment to look over the categories and products carried by Mettler Toledo, and contact us with any questions or for a quote.


METTLER TOLEDO goes above and beyond to ensure our products are engineered for reliability and durability. Using the “Module Masher” accelerated-life-cycle test stand, they have tested actual scale modules for 1 million cycles with a minimum 60,000 lb dual-tandem-axle load tire pattern. This is one of the ways that METTLER TOLEDO goes beyond the competition to provide the most reliable scales in the industry.


POWERCELL® PDX® load cells deliver the ultimate in vehicle weighing with unequaled accuracy and reliability. They eliminate junction boxes and are hermetically sealed for use in the toughest environments. The predictive diagnostics system monitors performance and reports on network health. Better accuracy and reliability equals better results.

Acme Scale - Your California Scale Choice

At Acme Scale, our business is to help your business do what it does best, with the best instruments and tools for the job. We believe in providing industry-leading components with the best customer service in the industry for our customers in California. Whether you need truck scales or analytical balances, you can rest assured that Acme Scale will not only supply you with reliable equipment, but will back it up with service that goes above and beyond.

At Acme, service should be simple: you get the help you need from professionals who care about your success. That's how we do business, and that's what our customers expect.