Floor Scales

Purchasing a floor scale is a choice that will affect the day-to-day process of your business for years. Acme Scale Company knows you are making an important decision, and we want to be by your side as you evaluate which scale best accommodates your operations. It’s no secret that accuracy, resilience, and cost-effectiveness are among the most important qualities in the weighing industry. As a result, our California-based company carries top manufacturers such as Mettler Toledo to provide you with the most dependable selection.

Determining how you use your floor scale is key to finding the best fit. The shapes and sizes of the products you regularly weigh is often the first step in finding the right scale. Floor scales that are made for rectangular pallets will be different from odd-sized products. Depending on your business, various features and materials of a floor scale will be more valuable. For example, if your scale will constantly need a washdown, stainless steel material with hermetically sealed loadcells will be crucial to preventing the development of rust and bacteria. You should also consider the size of a scale’s readability and connection options to a printer for efficient data collection. Our experts can help you consider all these factors to avoid a buying mistake you will regret in the future.

The team at Acme Scale wants to hear your questions and concerns. Asking the right questions will let you know which floor scale is best for your individual business. Our trained technicians are experts at evaluating the resilience of a scale as well as what typical repair costs look like because they do it every day. Knowing the durability of a scale down the road will help you value the initial cost of each scale today. Read through our buying tips to help you get the most long-term value from your purchasing decision.

Our goal is to help you find a scale that meets your key buying criteria. Precision not only matters, it is your business. You need to find a floor scale that is equal parts efficient and accurate. Contact Acme Scale Company to find answers to questions that will determine which floor scale will benefit your business. Start a conversation or get a quote today!