Balances / High Precision

In the field of high precision balances and scales, we understand that details are important. For this reason, Acme Scale Company, located in California, offers a number of scales and balances designed to produce highly accurate results. Our scales are equipped to measure small samples in several weighing capacities within the sub-milligram range. If you are in the quality control sector of pharmaceuticals, laboratories, or somewhere in between, our experts are available to help you find the right high-precision weighing instrument for the accuracy you need.

In today’s industry, technology is key to reaching standards of high precision. As a result, Acme Scale carries Mettler Toledo & OHAUS products. These two manufacturers are known for leading the industry in technological innovation. From Mono BlocHighSpeed weighing cells to SmartTrac weighing range, let us walk you through the nuances of features that will help you do your job to the highest possible standard.

Beyond providing purchasing advice, we want to use our expertise of the weighing industry to help your business remain accurate and efficient. Having a Performance Verification Plan is key to maintaining consistency through affordable means. Our trained technicians can help you develop and execute your own plan. To maintain the integrity and durability of your scale, let us handle your calibration repairs.

Our team is dedicated to finding your business the equipment that will make the most sense for each task at hand. Let our expert technicians guide you through the options to find the best fit for your business. Take a look through our collection of high-precision balances and scales and contact us for a quote or more information.