California Floor Scales

Acme Scale Company knows you are making an important decision when buying floor scales, and we want to be by your side as you evaluate which scale best accommodates your operations. It’s no secret that accuracy, resolution, durability, and cost-effectiveness are among the most important qualities in the weighing industry. As a result, our California-based company carries top manufacturers, such as Mettler Toledo to provide you with the most dependable selection.

Scale Accuracy and Resilience

If properly installed and calibrated, you can trust a floor scale from Acme to give you accurate readings time and again. We source our floor scales from worldwide reputable names like Mettler Toledo and OHAUS to give you a premier and effective floor scale.

Not only do we offer a number of accurate in-floor scales, low-profile, and pallet scales, we also offer high-precision options for weighing jobs that rely on precise scale readings. Our goal is to help you schedule regular maintenance based on the equipment your business uses and the industry you work in. With regular maintenance, checkups, and proper use, you can expect accurate readings time and again.

With all of our scales, we expect that you can get decades of use out of your floor scale, pallet scale, or platform scale.  While your particular application will determine if mild steel or stainless steel is required, the scales we sell are made from the highest quality materials with superior welding.  Our scales can stand up to the wear and tear, even in harsh environments, of your unique business environment.  From food, to pharma, to chemical, to raw materials, we have options to suit all industries.

Floor Scale

How to Find the Right Floor Scale

Some of the most important factors that play into finding the right floor scale have already been mentioned. There are however, a number of other factors that play into finding the right scale for your business needs.

For some weighing needs, to satisfy safety concerns, or to maximize space requirements, the scale must have as little clearance as possible off the floor, referred to as “low-profile”. There are many low-profile options like the Mettler Toledo PUA 579 or PUA 574 to accommodate a low clearance.  Or you may consider a pit design.  A floor scale with a pit design requires a pit to be constructed in the existing floor.  Once the pit construction is complete, the floor scale is placed within a frame in the pit, resulting in a floor scale that is flush with the surrounding floor.  Other applications may require a high maximum capacity limit and large surface area to accommodate a larger vessel or product size. For those applications a Mettler Toledo LIFTMATE may be appropriate. 

Other applications require the highest level of accuracy and require narrow tolerances.  The floor scales we offer by Mettler Toeldo are manufactured with superior load cell technology called Monobloc technology that enables the highest accuracy, even with high capacities and in harsh or disruptive environments.  The Mettler Toeldo PFK Series is ideal for high precision floor scale needs. 

Still other applications may need industrial floor scales that can withstand years of wear and tear from loading industrial equipment paired with increased efficiency.  The Mettler Toledo PowerDeck scales are a great option that combine durability with advanced diagnostics.  

We are committed to helping you find floor scales that are incorporated into your already existing business model.

Determining how you use your floor scale is key to finding the best fit. Depending on your business, various features and materials of a floor scale will be more valuable. Our goal is to help you find a scale that meets your key buying criteria. Contact Acme Scale Company in San Leandro, California to find answers to questions that will determine which floor scale will benefit your business. Start a conversation or get a quote today!