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Bench scales are used by a variety of industries in California for a wide range of applications. If you’re in the market for a bench scale, no matter the application,  you’ll find the best selection at Acme Scales. And all this can be done from the comfort of the digital sphere. For help choosing the best scale for your company’s specific needs, browse our selection of products or contact us today to start a conversation with Acme Scales right here in California to get a free quote!


A bench scale is a tool that serves a plethora of purposes, from simple counting all the way to formulation for industrial weighing. Quick and easy mixing, weighing, counting, and check-weighing are all within reach with this product. Plus, it can come in quite a compact size, making it conveniently portable and useful across multiple environments!

What is a table top weighing scale?

A scale that is labeled a table top weighing scale is simply a scale that is small enough to fit on a table top.  . Table top scales and bench scales are synonymous, they are both categorized by their size and ability to fit on a table top and/or laboratory bench.  Because of their smaller size they are highly versatile and can be easily relocated. . . The amount of versitily depends a lot on the particular manufacturer of the scale.  The scales we sell are highly versatile and can be configured not only with regard to the terminal and base but also with regard to compatibility with third party devices.

What is a bench top scale used for?

As mentioned above, bench top scales are highly versatile and can be utilized from piece counting, to formulation, to heavy-duty industrial applications like check-weighing. This product will help support and simplify your processes from the ground up. Sometimes literally!  The one limitation is size and capacity.  Because these scales have a smaller footprint to fit on a table top or lab bench, they are useful for smaller products and componentes.  As the product size and weight increases, a floor scale starts to be a better option.  We here at Acme Scale can help you determine what scale is best fit for your particular product and application. 

A man kneels to calibrate one of more than a dozen scales before him

Do I have to install a bench scale?

Installation should be little to no issue at all. Some scales, depending on their size, do require some minor assembly and some models come with  adjustable height stands, terminal columns, and other customized options that may require more advanced setup and installation.   In addition, bench scales with software such as SQC software or FreeWeigh.Net will require setup and training.   We are always here to help, our factory trained technicians can handle any installation needs you may have.  

Are bench scales portable?

Yes! In fact, for many types, that’s one of their main features. Bench scales come in a variety of sizes–and boast uses galore. It’s a product your company will want to have on hand to streamline all your processes, whatever they may be.

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