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If you’re looking for a bench scale to use in an industrial, lab, or even washdown food processing environment, Acme Scales has all of the bench scales you need. Bench scales are used by many industries for a wide variety of operational purposes.

What’s the Purpose?

A bench scale is an advanced tool that serves various capacities like counting and industrial weighing with measurement power for high precision weighing. Whatever your operational need, a bench scale, also known as a table top or compact bench scale, can be extremely versatile. They serve large ranges of operations such as checkweighing, counting, mixing, and more. Synonymous and respective to their names, table top scales and bench scales are suitable in size to fit on both table tops and benches.  Their easy portability and functionality make them valuable to many types of business operations.

Bench scales have many user-friendly features in their design such as rechargeable battery systems, large LCD displays, and various communication options for interfacing to printers or PCs. They are also an ideal compact size making them portable across a number of systems and environments. These scales are used in classroom settings, the food and beverage industry, packaging warehouses, laboratories, production environments and more! Our products will enhance your performance measures and production with their power to control, connect, and balance operation centered tasks.

Maximum Efficiency for Industrial Applications

Not only are compact benches user friendly and comparable in price, but the standard purpose is to withstand daily use productivity, various weight classes, and a wide range of features. Common applications include shipping, quality control protection, formulation, and counting.

Stainless Steel

Bench scale equipment is often designed with a stainless steel platform and housing.  Stainless steel is ideal for general weighing and can operate in multi-purpose environments like washdown spaces. Stainless steel allows the scales to perform higher in speed, accuracy, and usage all while being able to withstand harsh external environmental conditions. These stainless steel bench scales are a perfect tool for busy industries like shipping docks, outdoor markets, and the food processing industry.

Which Bench Scale is Right for You?

When choosing a bench scale, it is important to take into consideration the wide range of variables from each option. Issues can result if you choose a class that is not compatible with your needs. Among other factors, confirming the correct weighing class is crucial. Another consideration is the required precision. It is also important to consider the weight and dimensions of the product you will be weighing.

Don’t Forget to Calibrate!

The calibration process should be performed regularly for stationary or mobile bench scales — especially the movable ones as they need to be re calibrated after each movement or transfer. Regular calibration of your bench scale will ensure that your bench scale is giving proper readings of the product(s) you are weighing.  This can be important to ensure you are delivering all the product promised to a customer without the costly giveaway. Acme scales can help you calibrate your bench scale! Check out our scale calibration services here.

Legal for Trade Scales

If you sell your product commercially based on weight, the scales used to weigh that product are required by law to be “legal for trade”.  This unique category’s certification is rigorous as it is managed by the National Conferences on Weights and Measures, Inc. and the Weights and Measure division of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). NTEP is a process for the testing and evaluation of weighing equipment and critical components to ensure their compliance with Handbook 44. Legal for trade scales will have an NTEP Certification of Conformance which means that they must be capable of meeting the NIST Handbook 44 requirements.

Let Acme Be Your Guide

The Acme Scale Company team is dedicated to serving your company’s specific qualification requirements and overall needs. Our sales team will help get you started, explain our solutions, match the correct scale to your unique needs, all with pricing that meets your budget. Let Acme be your guide and help take the guesswork out of your bench scale needs.

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